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Published: 2023

Contrary to what some believe, remote working is not going away. It offers tech businesses the ability to access top talent, increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance employee satisfaction, ensure business continuity, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Successful remote work starts with top notch onboarding!

Effective onboarding of remote workers is crucial to ensure they feel welcomed, equipped, and connected to the business from the beginning. Implementing best practices can set the foundation for their success and get them up and running quickly.

5 common sense HR tips for onboarding happy remote workers:

  1. Communicate: Clear and comprehensive communication is essential. Providing remote workers with detailed onboarding instructions before day 1, including access to necessary tools, software, and resources, helps them navigate their new role with ease.
  2. Schedule: Welcome your new start by virtual hangout on day 1. Schedule regular virtual meetings or video conferences with key team members throughout week 1 to introduce the remote worker to their team and to the company’s culture, values, and goals.
  3. Support: Assign a dedicated buddy to the remote worker to provide guidance, answer questions, and serve as a point of contact. Regular check-ins with the buddy help the remote worker navigate their new environment and establish a support system.
  4. Train: Interactive training sessions should be conducted, either through virtual meetings or pre-recorded videos, to familiarise the remote worker with the company’s processes, tools, and workflows. Providing access to an organised knowledge base or documentation hub can empower remote workers to find answers independently.
  5. Improve: Make sure that you get feedback from remote workers about their onboarding experience and identify areas for improvement. Actively incorporating their feedback into refining onboarding practices demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and builds trust in the whole onboarding team.

Angela Rieu-Clarke, MD, Buzzqube

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