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Buzzqube LaunchPad:

Your Startup Success Pack

  • Tailored Template Contract
  • Tailored Offer Letter
  • Tailored Company Handbook
  • Tailored Welcome Messaging
  • Tailored Induction Checklist
  • DSE guidance
  • Understanding pensions letter for staff
  • Right to work guidance
  • Company comms – launch messaging

Price: £750*

*£600 for businesses already using our Buzzqube Launchpad or Buzzqube HiveHire products, or those entiled to the Egg Discount for companies up to 50 staff.

Buzzqube Hive:

Your Monthly Retained HR Solution

  • 4 hours per month HR support
  • 2 Board reports per year suitable to report data and analytices to your Board in preparation for M&A
  • 1 hour per month catch up call to pick up any issues / concerns before they evolve into people problems
  • Ability to roll 5 hours into the next month once per year to cover project work

Price: £400 per month* for companies up to 50 staff

*£320 per month for businesses already invested in the Buzzqube Launchpad or Egg Discount for companies up to 50 staff.

Buzzqube Blueprint:

Organisational Design Workshop

  • A strategic day dedicated to uncovering your business’s people pain points and crafting a tailored organisational design to function more efficiently and promote future growth.
  • A report detailing decisions made and recommendations for organisational design to move your business forwards.

Price: £3000 for businesses of up to 250 staff.

Buzzqube HIveHire:

Attracting Top Talent for Your Business

  • Customised talent sourcing plans to identify and attract the best candidates for your business needs.
  • Enhancing your company’s image and reputation as an employer of choice through targeted branding initiatives.
  • Providing a seamless candidate experience with timely communication, personalised interactions, and efficient application processes.
  • Helping you to conduct structured interviews, skills testing and assessments to ensure a robust and fair selection process.
  • Offering continuous support and resources to help new employees settle in, understand their roles, and become productive quickly.
  • 20% off Buzzqube Launchpad and Buzzqube Hive to help you make the most of your new hire.

Fixed price of £7500 per role

Buzzqube HRIS Navigator

Guiding Your Business to the Perfect HR System

  • A day with our data expert working through the needs of your organisation
  • A report detailing 3 potential vendors fitting your needs
  • A day with our data expert speaking to vendors and choosing the most suitable product for your business
  • 2 days with our data expert helping you to embed the system and use it
  • 1 month of free Buzzqube Hive support to resolve any concerns, training or queries that come up while you’re first using the system

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