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Empowering growth with transformational HR

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We’re with you at every stage of your journey; developing, building and transforming HR functions fit for your business, each step you take, from start up to scale up and beyond.

Talent attraction and selection

Recognising what makes your company stand out as an employer of choice, targeting skilled candidates and ensuring a robust selection process

Onboarding for retention

Tailoring an onboarding process that's welcoming, supportive and sets expectations for new employees from day one

Transforming HR Infrastructure

Identifying the right team and automated tooling to manage your people effectively and efficiently, reducing costs

Flexible workforce solutions

Understanding how to hire the right types of workers to support short term projects and long term scaling

Building a competitive employee value proposition

Researching your competition and updating your benefits and rewards to offer a dynamic and attractive package to your employees

Designing an environment for learning and development

Encouraging a culture of continuous growth and providing resources that facilitate knowledge acquisition and skill enhancement

Embedding Diversity, Equity and inclusion

Developing and promoting a culture where all individuals' perspectives and experiences are actively sought, acknowledged, and integrated

Harnessing the power of data for growth

Gain a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics, employee engagement, performance metrics, and talent acquisition. Leverage your data to improve employee wellbeing and prepare for M&A

start quote The Reward Statement document is great - I feel valued already, but I think this not only amplifies that feeling of value, but visually demonstrates how much our org financially invests in me and my well-being. end quote

start quote We have recently carried out a full benchmarking exercise which will go some way to helping us achieve our goals. Thank you to Angela Rieu-Clarke and the team at Buzzqube. It was an incredibly thorough and professional exercise. end quote

start quote The Young Women’s Movement had the pleasure of working with Buzzqube for our recent salary benchmarking and benefits review and the experience was second to none. They didn't just offer generic solutions; they took the time to understand our culture, our values, and what makes us unique as an organisation. end quote

start quote Angela is a remarkable HR professional, an inspiring leader, and a genuine advocate for creating an exceptional work culture. Her dedication to helping employees reach their full potential is unparalleled. Working with Angela has been an absolute privilege, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any organisation seeking to elevate its HR function and cultivate a thriving work environment. end quote

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