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Published: 2023

It might seem overwhelming and a lot of extra work for a start up or scale up to concentrate on employees’ mental health and wellbeing, but it’s critical for a positive work environment and doesn’t have to be hugely expensive or time consuming. It’s simply good business sense to recognise the importance of mental health in the workplace, particularly in the tech industry where teams are often dispersed.

By following my 5 top tips, you’ll show that you care about your employee well-being, create a supportive work environment and ultimately increase productivity:

  1. Open Communication Channels: Establish open lines of communication where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health concerns. Regular check-ins, one-to-one meetings, or anonymous feedback channels allow employees to express any challenges they may be facing.
  2. Promote Work-Life Balance: Encourage a healthy work-life balance by setting clear boundaries between work and personal life. Employees should take breaks, use their holidays and avoid overtime. Consider offering flexible working hours or remote work options to accommodate individual needs.
  3. Provide Mental Health Resources: Seek out low-cost or free mental health resources available in your community, such as local mental health clinics, counselling centres, or support groups. Share this information with employees and emphasise the importance of seeking help when needed.
  4. Create a Supportive Culture: Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect among colleagues. Promote a culture of appreciation and recognition for employees’ efforts and accomplishments.
  5. Encourage Self-Care and Wellness: Promote wellness initiatives within the workplace like step challenges, exploring a corporate deal for your team with a local gym, or hosting quarterly wellness workshops that focus on topics like nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques.

Remember, promoting good mental health doesn’t necessarily require a significant financial investment. Smaller businesses can make a positive impact on their employees’ mental well-being.

Angela Rieu-Clarke, MD, Buzzqube

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