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Humanising redundancies

Although I believe things are starting to look up and I’m seeing many of my connections talking about new roles on LinkedIn, redundancy still seems to be a fate facing many in the tech sector and beyond. Making redundancies is never an easy task. It’s a difficult decision that is…

5 top data tips for start ups and scale ups

Data plays a crucial role in empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive organisational success. Through data analysis, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics, employee engagement, performance metrics, and talent acquisition. By collecting and analysing relevant data, Executive teams can identify patterns, trends, and correlations that…

Why hire a contractor over a permanent member of staff?

A flexible, entrepreneurially minded and autonomous workforce is the way we’re headed in tech. Contractors offer flexible staffing solutions and short term cover when you need a highly skilled folk and an energetic hit! So, for start ups and scale ups, why hire a contractor over a perm member of…

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