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Published: 2023

I’m ready to dive into the HR trends shaping 2024 and beyond? Are you?

🚀 AI is stealing the show, shaking up everything from candidate screening to decision-making. Get on the AI train now because it’s not slowing down!

Employee engagement is also in the spotlight. With all the global craziness, leaders are on a mission to bring back the workplace buzz and tackle burnout. It’s all about creating a ‘stay’ culture—think reward, benefits, retention strategies, the whole shebang.

CVs are so last season! Say hello to personal skills profiles. They’re like the ultimate career cheat sheet, giving you the lowdown on skills, experiences, and learning. Time to ditch biases and focus on what really matters.

Wellbeing is getting a makeover too. It’s not just about pool tables, coffee and pizza anymore. Mental health, stress management, and work-life balance are front and centre. And guess what? Financial wellbeing is the new cool kid on the block, with policies and transparency key to ensuring your employees understand the rewards they get from working for you.

Flexibility is also still the name of the game. Remote work, part-time gigs, self-managed holidays—you name it. Embrace the change, or risk losing your star players. Ready to ride the wave of HR awesomeness in 2024? 🌟 #HRRevolution

Angela Rieu-Clarke, MD, Buzzqube


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